Friday, February 15, 2008

Erin made me do it!!

With much prodding from Erin and Jessica, I finally have made a blog. I hope you're happy Erin, here it is!


Hendry Happenings said...

Yeah! I am so happy that you finally gave in. Jessica and I talked yesterday and our plan was to get you to St. George and then Jessica was going to trap you and not let you leave until you made a blog! You are going to love it, as am I!!!

Camie said...

What a great-looking family! We can't wait for more! Wishing our old friends the best--XOXO

Carson and Camie

Matt & Jess Call said...

I hope we see more than this from you! If you want you can come back to St. George and we can work on this some more!!!!

Natlee Lloyd said...

hooray! your blog is so dang cute! You are goning to have to show me how you did that:)

Skidzy said...

Geri, not sure if this is the Geri Call I went to elementary with but this is Brett Skidmore from your old neighborhood in Layton, UT. I posted an old picture on my facebook profile I found of my 5 year old birthday party and you were in it along with Aaron Mcyntire, Amy Kuch, Mark Iverson, Mark Noyce, and Paul Hendrickson. Everyone in the picture had a facebook account and so I was able to get a hold of them but I couldn't find you. I just googled your name and found this blog! Haha, anyway, email me at if this is the right Geri and I'll have to send you the picture

Megan and Ben said...

Well "finding" you just made my day. I was looking at my sister/brother-in-laws blog and they and then eventually found your link. Geri, you cute thing! And you good looking boys (all of them!). I hope you are doing well. We have a blog too (, so I am glad you jumped on the blogging bandwagon.
Take care-
Megan W W